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10 Things You Should Include To Make A Killer Resume

National Assemblers Jobs wants you to succeed in the home & retail service field and part of that means you need a killer resume. Provided below are 10 things you need in your resume today!

  1. Use bullet points
  2. Have a header that says your name, email address, and phone number
  3. Include education information such as where you went to school, what degrees you have, and when you graduated
  4. List any awards or honors you’ve received
  5. Include any languages you speak
  6. List any skills related to the job for which you’re applying (e.g., assembly, organization, tool use)
  7. Include any work experience related to the job for which you’re applying (even if it’s not in the same field—it shows that you can adapt)
  8. Include specific accomplishments related to the job for which you’re applying (what did you do? How did it benefit your employer?)
  9. Include any other relevant information about yourself (favorite hobbies, interests, etc.)
  10. Make sure everything is up-to-date!

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